Best Research Paper & Emerging Researcher Award


ICIET 2023 Best Research Paper(BRP) & Emerging Researcher Award(ERA)

About the Award

The Academy for Advance Studies (TAAS) and the ICIET 2023 Global Partners has inaugurated the Best Research Paper (BRP) and Emerging Researcher Award ERA, to honour highflyers and achievers.

The BRP will provide an opportunity for ICIET 2023 to celebrate with a highflier researcher, whose research work have added real value to the body of knowledge in the field, while ERA will recognise and celebrate with an early career researcher, whose study has contributed positively to the society.

Selection Process

In selecting the winners for the Award, the panel will consider multiple factors such as the technical quality, contribution to theory, and the empirical significance of the findings, innovation, significance to the research community, and the empirical significance of the findings, innovation, significance to the research community, and the clarity of presentation

Reviewers will be able to initiate the process of selection by recommending papers, which are eligible for both Awards, such papers will be assessed by the Award Evaluation Panel. Scores allocated to these papers by each member of the panel will be added up, and then the paper with the score will be chosen for the Awards. Associate Editors for these tracks will be following and monitoring the selection process closely, while the Editor-in-Chief will make sure that the entire process is anchored on the tenet of fair play and transparency.

Selection Criteria:

The scoring of the manuscript for the award will be done based on the following criterion.

  1. The significance of the paper.
  2. The paper contributions to theory.
  3. Adopt appropriate methodology and offer justifications.
  4. Use suitable analytical approach and/or approaches for data analysis
  5. Clarity in writing style and presentation.
  6. Draw robust conclusions and offer practicable recommendations.
  7. The potential that the paper's findings may have in the process of enhancing teaching and learning practice and/or experience in the profession.
  8. Follow an established referencing conventions (in-text citations, direct quotations, and list of references)

Award Distribution

A prize of £500 will be given to the winner of each category. If the best papers have multiple authors, then the prize will be shared among them. The Award recipients will receive certificates of recognition each, and their names will be published on the TAAS and ICIET 2023 global partners online platforms.

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